3D Printed Model Home Replicas

Shea Homes® serves as one of America’s largest privately owned home builders. The company offers home designs that include town-homes, condominiums, traditional single-family homes and luxury residences.

Homebuilders across the country, like Shea Homes®, are challenged with conveying the feel and flow of a home with standard 2D renders. Viewing a render of a home on a computer left clients full of questions. Those clients needed to fully understand the design and functionality of a home before making a commitment.

Shea Homes® prides itself on creating great customer experiences, and wanted to help their clients better visualize a home before construction began. Trilogy® Monarch Dunes, a community by Shea Homes® Active Lifestyle Communities, began looking for a product to bridge the communication gap with their customers, and they found that product with Custom 3D Print.

We replicated three different model homes that Shea Homes® offers, and 3D printed those models using the latest 3D print technology available. Each 30” x 30” replica features a one story home with a detailed yard, driveway and surrounding vegetation. The interactive models have detachable roofs that reveal the floorpan of the house with room dimensions, along with assorted furniture, appliances and patio space.

Trilogy® Monarch Dunes by Shea Homes® displayed these models in their sales center to serve as a focal point for clients, where they can interact with a physical replica of their potential home. The 3D printed models give clients an impression of the home that they could not get from a simple 2D render.

The representatives at Shea Homes® could not have been more pleased with our model replicas. Custom 3D Print is the 3D printing solution for Trilogy® Monarch Dunes by Shea Homes® and we would love to share our technology with you, too.