3D Printed Medical Models

3D printing of anatomical models for planning, consultation and education.


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Why Custom 3D Print?

Simple Process.

Start with the files you have. 
Custom 3D Print creates 3D printed anatomical models from assets that you already have. 3D automation and an expert team of designers transform your CT Scans and MRIs into life-scale, 3D printed anatomical models. These 3d printed models are essential to physicians for diagnosis, education, clinical planning and treatment.

Quality, Fast.

Modeling, printing, and finishing.
 Our patent-pending technology and 3D design capabilities allow us to provide fast, high-quality 3D printed models. We offer a range of materials, from powder and plastic to metal and ceramic. In some cases, we can ship 3D models in a matter of hours. 

Healthcare Solutions

Surgical planning and clinical education tools. 
Medical imaging studies shouldn’t only be used for diagnosis, but should drive clinical treatment. Custom 3D Print takes your MRIs and CT Scans to create life-scale, 3D printed anatomical models as learning tools for physicians and patients.

3D Printed Human Heart

Changing the Future of Healthcare

Our 3D printed anatomical models aid in diagnosis, patient education and consultation and pre-operative planning. The ability to interact with a high-detail, full color model to evaluate or communicate a prognosis is invaluable.

3D automation software transforms your MRIs and CT Scans into an exact replica of an organ, tissue or bone. From there, the expert team at Custom 3D Print work with you to build and customize your 3D model.

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How We Can Help

At Custom 3D Print, we work with physicians and engineers to shape the future of 3D printing in healthcare. We offer a turnkey solution that takes an idea and makes it a 3D printed reality. From design to production and finishing, the quality and accuracy at Custom 3D Print cannot be matched.

Our innovative technology and dedicated staff are ready to deliver a meaningful resolution to your 3D printing challenge.

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