3D Printed Architectural Models

Professional, highly-detailed 3D printed scaled architectural models.


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Start with the files you have.
We create 3D printed architectural models from assets that you already have. If you have 3D files, we are able to use them to get the job started. But, we can also work from floorpans, blueprints and renderings.


3D printed architectural models are significantly less
than the cost to create hand-made models. And, with 3D printing, you can easily customize or personalize any 3D asset you create. Iterations and changes are simple and painless.

High Quality.

Modeling, printing & finishing.
Custom 3D Print is dedicated to offering efficient, high-quality 3D printing. We are experts in 3D design, 3D printing and product finishing. Our patent-pending technology create a more vibrant & durable full-color 3D model.

case study:

Shea Homes Scale Architectural Models

Shea Homes, America’s largest privately owned home builder, recently encountered problems effectively communicating floor plans with potential clients. They needed a product to display in their sales centers to help clients visualize blueprints.

They chose Custom 3D Print to solve this problem with full color, 3D printed replicas of three different model homes. The large scale 30” x 30” models were created using the latest technology in 3D color printing.

We created three model home replicas for Shea Homes to display in their sales centers around the country. Custom 3D Print is the 3D printing solution for Shea Homes and we would love to share our technology with you, too.

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