Start with files or just an idea.

Creating a stunning architectural model of your next project is as easy as uploading files that you already have. The LAYR content creation platform enables architects, home builders and others in the construction industry to easily turn their ideas into 3D printed reality.

With ZVerse LAYR, you can create 3D printed architectural models in a matter of days for a fraction of the cost of traditional models. If you have 3D files, we are able to use them to get the job started. But, we can also work from floor plans, blueprints and renderings – assets that you already have in pdf, jpg and other common formats.

Easily create 3D printed sales & presentation models.

3D printed architectural models are not only faster to create and easier to iterate, they also have a level of functionality that traditional models do not. No longer do you have to place an incredibly expensive model under an acrylic cover in a sales center. With 3D printed models, you can expand the reach of these sales tools.

The additional durability that 3D printing provides makes these models portable and convenient, while the real-world functionality of removable roofs, labeled floorpans and stackable floors means that the models are not just pretty replicas, but can serve an educational and informative purpose.

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Featured Case Study

Brasfield & Gorrie City Block

As part of Atlanta’s efforts to revitalize certain areas of the city, one entire city block is being rebuilt. Brasfield & Gorrie are heading up the efforts of this construction, and they wanted a model that would serve as a reference point for the project. They approached ZVerse with the desire to create a 3D model of the entire city block as it will be once construction is complete. Brasfield & Gorrie wanted to use this model both to showcase the project and to have a visual reference throughout the building process and when meeting with architects. They also wanted this model to be large—larger than anything ZVerse had produced before.

Our client wanted the dimensions of this 3D printed model to be 24 inches square and 24 inches tall. This posed a challenge, as ZVerse’s 3D print beds are 10 x 14 inches. Although the 3D printed model had to be produced in pieces, the final product had to look seamless. In order to meet the requirements given to us, ZVerse’s design team began strategically examining and dissecting the design, determining the best way to turn pieces into a cohesive whole. In only two-weeks from the project request to the final product, ZVerse designed several 3D printed pieces that fit together to create one seamless, large-scale model.

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