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Custom 3D Print is an easy-to-use service that offers fast, reliable & professional 3D printing.

Have a file? Have an idea? Looking for consultation? We got you.

“I just have an idea.”

It’s a good one. The first step is to figure out what it’s going to take to bring your idea to life. Then we will give you an assessment on what it will cost to create the 3D asset and print it in a number of materials. Then the ball is in your court…

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“I have 3d assets, but no way to print.”

You have a revit file. A CAD. A DWG. You want to know if it’s 3D printable. Our team will review and analyze any file you have and strategize the optimum design, print, and post processing method so you don’t have to. From there, we will send you a complete project estimate in a matter of hours.

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“My 3D file is ready, I want the best price.”

You’ve perfected your 3D design, and it’s ready to print- good work! Let us help you bring your file to life with our best-in-class 3D design and 3d print networks. Our resources drive down prices and lead times. Savings that we pass on to our customers.

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How do we do it?

By seeking patterns in our data and constantly updating our algorithms, we have created a tool capable of automating many aspects of a typical 3D design and print project, making it painless to go from idea to design and design to print.

Each project starts with an idea. Some ideas are further along than others. Some projects will start with 3D files while others will start with napkins sketches.
LAYR utilizes a worldwide vetted network of 3D modelers and engineers to fit any project’s requirements.
We use machine learning to analyze and teach our platform, ultimately automating parts of the 3D design and printing user experience.
We use a trusted, established network of digital manufacturers. When it is time to print or otherwise produce, we can recommend the best in the business.
After approvals and digital quality checks, your parts are manufactured in your chosen method & material.
Parts are professionally packed and shipped to your door.